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  • Daniel

    The sloping lot is a turn off for me. It’s a pleasant home inside and out.

    • Jason

      really? I think it adds to the house by allowing it to “grow” without adding excessive bulk. it also makes the tower in that area really work by allowing it to have height without surpassing the entry area as the main feature of the house.

  • Jason

    If I’m not mistaken this house was designed by Dallas architect C.A. Nelson. he does good work. I think he is better known for designing well conceived luxury production homes. every once in a while the firm gets a commission to design unique custom homes like this. He’s got a mammoth french style mansion going up on Armstrong Ave. in Highland Park- also being built by Calais. I like this house a lot. I only hope the interior design doesn’t get the typical Westlake/Vaquero look- overdone, overwrought and newly rich.

  • Venom

    Beautiful home, I like it a lot.

  • Lin

    Impeccable, impressive, and inviting. Unequivocal perfection.

  • Emmanuel

    Nice, beautiful house. Thanks for the info on the architect Jason. This for me would be the perfect country and retirement home, close enough to the city but in a place quiet enough to relax and enjoy life at a slow pace.

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