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  • The Last Man Standing

    5 years to design and build?
    What else were they doing for 4 years and 9 months?

  • Daniel

    Thank goodness this is unique. Would be a shame if people actually put resources into building another one of these concrete bunkers.

    • AR

      Yeah man, to hell with eco-friendly bs..right?! You are saying that the lavish homes you like are much better to spend money and resources on right?? The shame is cutting costs and carbon footprint?? STFU you dumb bitch.

  • Grrrowler

    It looks like a deformed concrete starfish that fell out of the sky into a beautiful jungle. I appreciate that it’s something different, but different isn’t enough in itself; it looks completely unlivable.

  • Matt

    are there no windows in the living room and kitchen? it is just open air. I don’t think the designers realized where they were. They did not realize that in Australia, EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL YOU!!

    • Andrew

      Lack of glass does seem a bit strange, both for security and thermal efficiency reasons. How are you supposed to control temperature with all those wide open walls? What about mosquitos? I’ve been to Cape Tribulation and it was lovely, but like everywhere in the tropics insects are a problem.

  • Jason

    well this is certainly unique. It’s a Romulan spacecraft that fell out of the sky and onto a small pond. While it’s interesting that it’s surrounded by water, I think the pond is too small for it. I would have built it adjacent to the water with some of the “arms” cantilevered overhead. Also, I have the same sentiment- unique, but cold and brutal.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I’m somehow reminded of the demotivational poster that reads: “Just because you CAN doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD!”

  • Brian

    I wrote a long comment, which is not here. If censored – fine. Otherwise, I’m upset….

  • Teddi

    Alcatraz was the very first thing that sprang to mind, which definitely isn’t a good thing or what they had in mind I’m sure. But let’s face it. It’s a seemingly impenetrable concrete prison surrounded by a body of water. Come on.

    • Andrew

      ‘impenetrable’? Try the window… any window.

  • LE

    Maybe it’ll be more appealing once they finish construction.

  • Venom

    What in the bloody hell? Star Trek spaceship?

  • rob

    I like it. I particuarly like those arms jutting out over the water toward the jungle. I don’t know why this took five years to design though. I like that the architect and owner were willing to think way outside the box. I have kind of imagined a home like this on a beach with arms jutting out over the waves, but a little more circular.

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