$9.48 Million Waterfront Compound In Seattle, WA

Location: 5522-5525 S Othello Street, Seattle, WA

Square Footage: 10,432

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 5 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms

Price: $9,480,000

This waterfront compound is located at 5522-5525 S Othello Street in Seattle, WA and is situated on 2.3 landscaped acres. It features a main house, 2nd Craftsman style house, cabana and boathouse with dock. The main house features approximately 10,432 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half bathrooms, gym, indoor swimming pool, 3-car garage and more. There is also a children’s playground and a tennis/basketball court.


  • Grrrowler

    This is not what would be considered a prime part of Seattle. The lakefront lot is large and nice, and the neighborhood isn’t bad, but it’s not a neighborhood of $10 million houses. Interestingly, the same agent has this property listed twice, once for $9,480,000 and once for $8,280,000. There are a lot of 1990s-style NW contemporary houses that look just like this. While this isn’t a bad example of the type, it’s not unique or overly interesting.

    For what it’s worth, this is owned by a former senior VP at Amazon.


  • Daniel

    A lifeless house.


  • rob

    I saw the price and I thought, why so cheap in Seattle. This should be at least a billion dollars more. You know, because of how cool Seattle is.