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  • Brian

    This proudly stands as the most expensive – and worst designed – foursquare style house ever built.

  • Daniel


  • Paul

    Con’s: Incredibly over-priced, no obvious river view, squished between 2 other properties which we are not used to seeing in the U.S. for this type of pricey property. Not sure I saw the 2 story library but wish they showcased it more clearly. All these enhanced photo’s with homes are making me crazy as nothing looks real.
    Pro’s: How did they get such spacious rooms out of this property? Amazing architectual concepts – a real view into the future of design. Full of interesting angles that flow together,. The ceilings are used as a major design concept here. I love the use of wood and varying dimensions in the ceilings, but it gets real busy with floors that have those wide strips of wood that look like stripes.
    Must be one heck of a desirous part of Australia to take advantage of the lot this way. You never get to see what they look out into facing away from the house and I am afraid it might make one feel claustrophobic as the sides do.

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