$6 Million Newly Listed Waterfront Home In Fort Lauderdale, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel


  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Not too bad. I know that Florida can do better.

  • opinionfree

    Hideous is the only way to describe this architectural afterbirth. Not one of the listed photos has any redeeming value.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Umm….they’re in focus?

      • opinionfree

        Love it.
        I most humbly, stand corrected.

  • Teddi

    Not that ever want to live in Ft Lauderdale (close to but not exactly in) but I like this house. The interior is a very pleasant surprise based on the not-visually-appealing exterior. But what I really like is that it was a tweak different from every single South Florida McMansion in this price range. I swear that it’s almost impossible to tell one from another after awhile. I stand a chance of remembering this one at least. Plus the kitchen is nice.

  • Venom

    It ain’t great, but it is near Miami, on the water with good frontage and the price is not horrible. Paint and some updating would go a long way for this house. $4.5 million.


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