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  • Eric2

    Hmmm Interesting.
    Well by the numbers it isn’t bad. Almost 20,000sqft for 7mil in an “ok” spot of VA.

    Interior wise… Good solid colonial moldings being used consistently though out the house, very nice.
    Walls with COLOR! very very nice! Good to NOT see white everywhere for a change.
    Stone tile mosaic in what I guess is the “Ballroom” is a nice touch. (although the fireplace looks far too modern for the house)
    The Kitchen… Eh.. I have to say those wood panels look “Cheap” not sure what bugs me but they feel like they just lack something. Although I love the “Old Timey” oven they have.
    Master Bedroom? LORD does it feel so EMPTY, not sure what to think of those glass paneled built in closets, it looks like something you would find in a pantry for holding dishes or something…
    The Family room with the sunken floor, interesting, something a bit different, although once more we have one of those word modern fire places…

    Over all?
    Being consistent with style and decorations in the house? Good.
    Use of color on the walls and a unified ‘Look’ to the house? Good.
    Biggest Crime?
    Who in there bloody mind tries to sell a house of THIS size WITHOUT staging it? Seriously, Looking at VAST empty rooms with now furniture and nothing on the walls does not inspire me…

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

    • Kenny Forder

      Where does it say 20,000 square feet?

      • Kenny Forder

        Oh, nevermind!

  • Daniel

    The rooms in photos 6 and 8 are nice. The rest is forgettable.

  • Hoya

    For a spec home in Northern Virginia, it’s better than most. It’s not gaudy or ostentatious, which is unusual for McLean homes in this price range.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    The exterior I do not care for, but for the interior, it is an Interior Decorator’s dream. I do like the little bit of blue in the kitchen. It does show enormous possibilities!

  • Venom

    Kind of ugly and kind of stubby looking in the front, needs to be longer. There is no way on earth this house is anywhere near 16,700 sq.ft, even if you count in the basement. It would need to be incredibly deep and have 2 basements to achieve that and none of the photos seem to indicate that. This is maybe 10,000 sq.ft if you include the basement, maybe. The inside is incredibly bland, they need to stage this thing ASAP.

  • Teddi

    Don’t love it, but like it very much. Except for the ugly kitchen. Those islands waste too much potential storage space. Plus I expect a house like that should have a kitchen that makes a statement. No wow factor here. No real wow factor anywhere but some nice spaces nonetheless.

  • rob

    All this government money pissed away on useless mcmansions. Makes me sick to think of the government contracts that are paying for this crap.

    • Allen

      Where on earth do you get the idea that this was paid for with government money and contracts?

    • ZigZagBoom

      Rob is absolutely correct, many of the residents of McLean including some of the wealthiest are “beltway bandits”.
      As for the house, not too hideous by McLean standards, but that isn’t saying much. Eric2, I don’t know what you mean by “OK” part of Virginia? FWIW, and it isn’t worth much IMHO, Basil Rd. is a very prestigious address. What do you think would be better…upper Great Falls? Clifton? Oakton? I’d rather be able to get downtown quickly without needing a helicopter. IIRC a scion of the Astor family once lived on Basil Rd.

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