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  • Sam

    I like it but the kitchen is tiny and the whole place could use some redecorating.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Oh, come on…..I’ve cooked in restaurants that’ve had smaller kitchens than that!

    • Venom

      That kitchen is nowhere near as tiny as you think. Seeing as there are two full size Sub-Zeros on one side and not even side by side, it is probably huge. That island is probably at least 8 feet long.

  • Venom

    Austin is crazy, the homes out there are amazing. They must have some pretty incredible builders because they build these homes on the sides of hills and cliffs. Some of them have I swear 45 degree angled driveways.

  • Daniel

    Interior has a bit of a tract home feel to it but the front facade is nice. .


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