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  • Eric2

    This place could have been a lot better. But it also could have been a LOT worse…
    I’ve seen a lot of houses built around the late 90’s and early 2000’s that were bleeding eyesores both inside and out. The interior is not overly offensive, which is saying a lot coming from me 😉 😛

    Really however the BEST part of this house (IMHO) are the grounds and landscaping, rather a nice feel to them. And of course I love a good manicured garden 🙂

    Eric the Architecture Curmudgeon

  • opinionfree

    Other than the gorgeous picture #1, we don’t get an actual exterior house photo. Only aerial, and that’s never a good sign. Not a fan of the Cask of Amontillado entry foyer, home theater or most of the kitchen.
    This place has a lot of potential. Not sure if the location would justify the expense. As is, it’s still a very nice house.

  • Daniel

    I hope the New Years resolution for the residents is to get rid of all that soda. The house is strange.

  • Ted

    wow this beautiful. who’s this architect?

  • Paul

    This has been on the market for some time with very little reduction in the ask price. It was offered with a much bigger lot and a separate care taker’s home before as well. It is owned by Jeg Coughlin Jr. a drag racer and was put on the market shortly after his divorce. According to a March 2013 article in the Columbus Dispatch, only one home has sold for more than $3 million in the last three years. So I would say the ask still might be a stretch even after taking away over 100 acres and a couple million dollars off the listing.

    here is a link to the article mention in arch digest.

  • Sam

    I’m not so sure about the exterior but I do appreciate the simple no-clutter interior.

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