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  • Daniel

    Other than the onyx in the master bath and the glass wall in the kitchen, this is completely forgettable.

  • Andrew

    Second the motion and even the unforgettable bath shows a lack of forethought. How does the misses or an elderly person safely get in and out of the tub? You have to walk on that I assume slippery when wet tile to enter/exit

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I do like the exterior design and the views, but not really head over heals with this one.

  • Jason

    I’m gonna have to say no to this one. not even it was given to me.

  • Teddi

    I can see me being half asleep and having the master bath freak me out. Otherwise I’m getting a vague impression of one of the Muppets from Fraggle Rock.

    Good news, it’s a house in Vegas that isn’t so over the top as to be ridiculous. Bad news they went 180 and made it completely forgettable.
    Good news, it’s workable. With a great designer it could come alive.
    Bad news, it’s in Vegas. Vegas is fun to visit. Can’t imagine living there.

  • Al Robinson

    I look at this mansion and I think, what’s so bad about it? From the pictures, I think this is a fine place. I think it’s a bit empty, but I’m okay with that. You can fill it with your own stuff, and make it a “home”. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?

    I guess I have to ask, what is it missing? What makes it “forgettable”?

    • Teddi

      It’s forgettable because there’s nothing to differentiate it from DOZENS of other houses that look just like this. Same layout, same color, same finishing, same staircase. Hence forgettable.

      • Al Robinson

        Ah, okay. That’s true. I can’t argue that.

        Thanks Teddi. 🙂

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