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  • Daniel

    What a boring house. Looks like it’s in the middle of Kansas. God the Hamptons is overrated.

  • opinionfree

    Nothing new on this one. It’s the normal Hampton’s house. It’s understated and expected. Disappointing because it was built in 2010. All the ‘new’ money out there and still no confidence to buck the staid, traditional shingle style house.
    I’d rather buy something with history down in Palm Beach. That is, if I had a spare $35M.

  • Eric2

    I do not mind the “boring” aspect that much, Far better to go with something that at least fits in, then making some concrete contemporary monstrosity in the middle of the Hamptons…

    My biggest gripe is that it simply suffers from the sin of Too Much White everywhere . I swear people on the East Coast must have something against a simple set of earth tones!

    Eric the Architecture Curmudgeon

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