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  • Grrrowler

    French Provincial? The front facade is very obviously Palladian-inspired, so I’d say it’s more Italian than French. I actually don’t mind the front facade, but the eagle in the central pediment is a mistake. The back of the house and the interior don’t excite me at all.

  • Daniel

    Yikes. It looks like they were on the right track with the facade but the rest is terribly cheap. The planning is downright horrible. It looks like they forgot to put a path in for the dining room…why would you squeeze the entry in a corner like that, right next to another entry?

    • AR

      That’s what your mother said, Daniel.

  • WrteStufLA

    Yikes! I grew up in Columbus GA and couldn’t wait to make my escape. This house reminds me why! (Although if you have to live in that city, this subdivision — Green Island Hills — is the place to do it.)

  • Jason

    I was at the edge of my seat waiting with baited breath to see what I was in for. Sadly, the first pic was the only one that excited me. The interiors aren’t bad per se, but they do have a cheap-ish look to them. Also, the furnishings are a travesty. Why would anyone buy or build a house like this and furnish it with cast offs and random ramshackle pieces? It seems like the owner was really clueless to the style and believes it is French Provincial.

  • rob

    I love it. Who would ever have thought the words “Classic Palladian” and “Chatahoochie River” would ever have been used together? The facade is great, love what the architect did. Took a lot of balls to stay this true to form, and while the eagle may seem over the top, it fits. Then they went and stuck a typical suburban Mcmansion interior in it. The interior is terrible. The cliche double height living room with balcony, the bland ceilings and walls. I might hire the architect for a facade and bring in consultants on the interior design.


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