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  • Bill_in_NY

    Whoever designed that kitchen needs to be slapped with a wet lasagna noodle.

    • Kenny Forder


    • Ruby M. Robinson

      Too funny!

  • Eric2

    Nice one Bill, was going to start by saying how monstrosity impractical it is.

    But there is just so MUCH in this house that makes me shake my head… I am sure this is one of those “List” houses, where the home owner had a “List” of what he thinks his perfect house was, and was constantly going to the builder saying “And add one of these, and add one of these and its got to have one of THESE! and of course add a chapel somewhere!!!”

    A Chapel? REALLY?

    Eric The Architecture Curmudgeon.

    • Kenny Forder

      Eh to the Chapel, too. Those should be left out of homes…..

  • Daniel

    They have leopard printed chairs around the bar. There is nothing else to say.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, they belong in in the chapel!

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I completely adore this home. One concept that I do admire, is that they did not leave all the wall bare. Me, being a Messianic Gentile, I would turn the Chapel into a Messianic Synagogue. I love the fact that family and friends can have a place to hold a service if they want to. I would include many more tropical colors and definitely some brass.

  • Cru Jones

    I almost vomited in my mouth a little while browsing through the photos of this house.

  • Venom

    This is just bad, so bad.

  • Hunter

    I liked the outdoor spaces, very cool. Otherwise not a fan of this pad.

  • dan

    I thought that island “hut” in the kitchen was a masterstroke of design.

  • Francis

    What a totally Awesome Property, right on the waterfront. Now this is what I call really living. Excellent interiors and surrounds. Wish I was there right now.

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