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  • Daniel

    Not crazy about the sunroom/living room combo. Maybe it’s the black window frames. Otherwise, it ain’t bad. If it was in Australia I’d probably hate it.

  • Sam

    If this was in America every would call it “gaudy”…

  • phoenix

    Yack! I don’t understand the irrational admiration of the Americans to European houses. I think 95% of Europe’s big mansions are tacky.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is attractive enough, but it’s nothing special. The back garden seems nice but, considering that this is outside of the city, having a lawn is also nothing special. The interior is a travesty; there’s nothing about it I like. I first thought the pool solarium and the enclosed hallway leading to it were sort of nice, but the more I looked the less I liked them, until I didn’t like them at all. It’s amazing that someone made structures with glass walls and roofs actually feel claustrophobic.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I am not one to great amounts of charcoal; however, some of the warm colors do look good on a cold day, when you are freezing.

  • Eric2

    The over all house I quite like, and has a good feel to it for being a “French” house (how many times do we see those turn into monstrosities?)

    But the Indoor glass walled Pool… (sigh)
    it is one of those things that seems like such a GREAT Idea! Unfortunately there is just not enough room to pull it off correctly here.
    I COMPLETELY agree with Grrrowlers comment, A glass walled room made to feel “claustrophobic”
    Personally, I Love connected Walkways between other rooms like this. If I go to a Poolhouse in my skivvies, I do NOT want to have to walk outside in the cold to get to it!

    Of course the REAL cream of this house is the Interior drapes.. YARK is the perfect description for them!

    “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

  • Carla

    Is Grrrowler doing anything else but complaining all the time!?

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