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  • Justin Taylor

    Nice, I really like the exposed brick rooms, makes the apartment less beige and more interesting. do prices for apartments get up to $20 mil though in South Carolina? :s

  • Daniel

    Why would someone pay to live in a boring box in the sky when you have so many beautiful homes to choose from for a fraction of the price?

    • Keith

      The view from this penthouse is breathtakingly spectacular…It was one of Charleston’s secrets, before 18 became upscale apartment homes…

  • Grrrowler

    The place has been so heavily staged that I’m choosing to ignore the furnishings; it’s currently far too impersonal. As for the penthouse itself, it’s interesting. There are some nice touches, and it looks like a great place for entertaining. The, however, price seems unreasonable. For a lot less money, why wouldn’t anyone choose a beautiful restored old mansion, that Charleston is known for?

  • Puresouthern

    Actually Grrrowler, I saw this house in a magazine at LEAST 5 years ago ( I’m sure it was longer) and when it was newly done. It looks the same. The upper floor is where she has charity events and such. She is some widowed car collector (if I remember right) and she DID live in a huge historic house/estate. She down sized to this. I remember being in love with that Dining Room. In the magazine there was more pics of the kitchn and it is fabulous. I was surprised to see the this listing.

    • Jason

      you’re right. I’m sure I’ve seen the same magazine issue. do you remember which one, so that I can scour my house for it and see it it came with floor plans??

      • Puresouthern

        It would have to been, Southern Living, Architecture Digest or a House Beautiful. It has been years but those are my usual go to’s. And yes, it did have floor plans but only for the one level not the upper party level.

        • Puresouthern

          Someone just posted the link. It was Architecture Digest and I was a year off. It has been 6 years as it was February 08’s issue. Yes, it had floor plans for the one floor. STILL love that dining room.

        • Jason

          that’s where it was….now let me look through the stacks

  • opinionfree

    I love it. If for no other reason, it wouldn’t be the constant nightmare of problems associated with one of the Grande Charleston homes.
    The price is ridiculous.
    The unforgivable part is the lack of detail. Charleston has some of the finest examples of plaster work, anywhere. Those ceilings SCREAM for frosting. Where are the mouldings?
    The furnishings are exquisite. Most likely from the finest furniture makers in the Carolinas. They aren’t brand new, and they are still timeless examples in taste. Throw in some fine art on the walls and perfect.
    The floors are another unacceptable choice. Wood is needed, not concrete.

  • Brian

    For under $13M, you can get this superb gem.

    So by comparison, I would value this property maybe around $8M – max.

    • opinionfree

      Oh son, that house is one of the finest examples of a Charleston home. I’ve seen specials and read books on the extent and types of plaster work original to the house. It is MAGNIFICIENT!
      The never ending headaches of coexisting with an historically accurate piece of art, like that home, is crazy prohibitive.
      Because of the lack of detail in this penthouse, I think $8M is still just a pinch high.

    • Eric2

      Usually “Opinionfree” and I tend to disagree about things…

      But Brian, oh BRIAN! Well…
      (slips into Southren Belle)

      My STARS! If Dat ain’t the best darn example of glarrrious Southren historical style mansion I just have ever seen in little Ol’ SC! To see such a Fiine little ol mansion treated with such respect! Why it just Warms dis Curmudgeons Heart!

      As for the Penthouse listed…
      Well as I have said many times before… I properly like this isn’t BAD, just over priced.
      Interior? Ok, the Rooms? quite nice… Exterior living space? Wonderful touch!
      20 Million for 7600 square feet in SC???
      Not a CHANCE!!!

      Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Each room seems to have it’s own statement. The outside area is tremendous, but the rest really not my cup of tea.

  • Paul
    • opinionfree

      When a property is featured in a periodical like AD, it’s received and considered as a hallmark of good taste and design. Just sayin’.
      Thanks for the link.

  • Tony

    Sorry Kenny, but why is this crap $19 million? This is in South Carolina. I just read the news that Oprah is selling her apartment in Chicago which I believe is a Penthouse and she is selling it for only $7,750,000. Oprah’s place is 9,625 sq ft. I would think Chicago is a more prime area than South Carolina. I wouldn’t pay $19 million to live in South Carolina. I have seen apartments in 740 Park Avenue priced around that same price. That’s crazy!

  • Tony

    I just wanted to add that I just looked over the pictures. This a really nice apartment but come on. If you had $20 million and had a choice between 740 Park Avenue and an apartment in South Carolina which would you choose? I wouldn’t wanna live in South Carolina at all but if I was born there or was attached to that area for some reason then i’d get a grand estate. Not an apartment. Even if I wanted to downsize then I’d just get a smaller estate. An apartment in this price range isn’t saying much unless you live in New York.

    • rob

      South Carolina is definitely not NY, and this is a NY apartment. South Carolina is more about landed gentry and a sophisticated estate style life. Not a lot of hustle and bustle. A lot of Northern money has had plantations in South Carolina for a long time. It is just a difference in pace and atmosphere.

  • Venom

    $20 million for a “penthouse” in South Carolina? I am dying laughing. Hell no, just hell no. What the hell is with some of these people around the country, do they really think their damn properties are located in Manhattan or Paris?

  • rob

    Why would you come to Charleston to live in a penthouse condo. YOu come to Charleston for the history and the great mansions and plantations. I personally can think of four other properties I would rather have in South Carolina than this. And all of them cheaper. This is just out of character for South Carolina. If it is being bought by an old dowager who just can’t handle the upkeep then maybe I understand, but surely she could employ a property manager. My four South Carolina picks:





    • Daniel

      Those oak trees alone at Seabrook are worth the asking price. Like I said, so many other beautiful homes to choose from, or $20 million for this. No comparison.

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