Location: 38296 Wild Lilac Point, Oak Glen, CA

Square Footage: 18,000

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms

Price: $3,995,000

This gated estate is located at 38296 Wild Lilac Point in Oak Glen, CA and is situated on 11 acres. It was built in 2010 and features a concrete & stone exterior. A large porte-cochere extends to the grand entry with koi pond, walkway and impressive wrought iron double door. There is approximately 18,000 square feet of interior and exterior living space. Features include 6 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half bathrooms, formal dining room, 2-story living room with stone fireplace, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, mezzanine level with multiple sitting areas, laundry room, dog grooming room, 1100 bottle wine cellar, game room with pub, 4-car garage, covered patios, outdoor BBQ, fire pit and more. There is also a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom guest house and a 2,500 square foot workshop with RV parking.


  • Jayson

    Lovely home I think, hard to tell with these “enhanced” photos – photographer should be shot!


  • Eric2

    Hmmm “Interesting”
    First off.
    18k Sq Ft and 11acres of land for 4mil? Not bad, Guessing the fact that it is in Oak Glen, which is way WAY out in the boondocks may have something to do with that price.

    Firstly, as a fan of big water features, I love the entrance. It is something that is just new, different and creative. I mean lets be honest, 90% of all Mansions seem to have the EXACT same entrance.

    The interior has a very “Hotel” feel to it. That two story living room, REALLY has ‘hotel’ written all over it. Unless you have 30+ people over, I cannot see utilizing the amount of chairs, coaches and tables in there. The sunken part of it, I find I like how it forms a border with the railing without having an actual wall there.

    The Kitchen, surprised how nice it seems, the “Openness” of it is very different how it spills into the huge living room.

    Big fan of the upstairs living room in pic 20. A lot of big houses often have ONLY Bed rooms on the 2nd floor. So if you want to do anything you have to go down.

    Disappointed in the “Library” its just a few bookshelves in a hall way. Me personally I love a good dedicated room for a Library, some place you can curl up in 🙂

    SO Nice to see pics of not just the master bedroom but ALL of the bedrooms. Kudos to the photographer for that, (even if the photos have that terrible “Enhanced” look.

    In picture 15 I “Assume” we are looking at the ‘basement’. Kitchenette, Rec area, pool table. Its really hard to tell if it is downstairs or not.

    My biggest gripe? The Wine Closest!
    Why WHY Would you have such a MASSIVE Wine closet and NOT have it refrigerated? Seriously you want that much wine just sitting around at room temp? Not Kosher!
    One other gripe… Not a SINGLE view of the house over all. Not a good sign since, from what I CAN See, I get the feeling the house exterior looks like a MASSIVE Box.

    Eric The Architecture Curmudgeon


  • Daniel

    What the hell is with the column in the family room? Disgusting.


  • dan

    This home appears quite livable for its size. Its located up in apple growing country at an elevation of 4,700 ft. That may explain no swimming pool.
    However, I love the rustic theme that runs thru almost the entire interior and exterior.
    One nit I would like to pick: no chandelier over the pool table!