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  • Mak

    Horrendous. Just horrendous.

  • Daniel

    It looks like a very suffocating place to live. I’ll hand it to them though…they really did make an apartment feel like a single family home.

  • Hunter

    I like it…all the stone and wood work is stylish, and the views are killer. I feel the price is a little high, but the place itself is very nice. Sorry, not going to jump on the negative nancy bandwagon that seems to permeate on this site.

  • JH

    I am almost positive this is Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter’s second home. I think he paid around $20 million for it.

  • Venom

    Can’t you get a house for that money out there, a very large and immaculately appointed house? This isn’t Manhattan, why would you spend $18 million for a penthouse when you get spend the same money and get a private mansion?


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