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  • Daniel

    “Honey, when you move into your dream home honey you buy it.”

  • Andy

    I don’t know about buying your dream home… I think that’s for the hoi polloi. Lots of rich people live in hotels and move whenever they want. Norton Simon used to do this and his museum is filled with the things he’d hang on the walls at the hotel he was currently at.

    So I think moving from rental mansion to rental mansion might be a lot of fun! That way you aren’t stuck with one dream home, you can have dozens! Any time it gets boring, move! Follow the art festivals, fun, and maybe the sun around the world. Just think of it as permanent summer vacation with a new spiffy place you’re staying whenever it starts to feel like you’re at home or they run out of parties for you to crash.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I do not really care for this one, then again I am a female, these would be excellent for a man who definitely wants to keep things simple and not be concern with much interior decorating.

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