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  • dan

    My first – first comment.
    This is nice with a capital “N”. I love the molded ceiling treatments, too bad they stopped after a few rooms. That is my only complaint. This is quite beautiful inside and out for its price.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I love the mirror over the fireplace. The coffee color makes for a cozy feeling and welcomed atmosphere.

  • Eric2

    Interesting… I can see what they wanted to do here. The interior, well I really wanted to like it, and in parts I do, Especially that huge black stone stair case.
    But the molding, well I loved it at first, but the longer I look at it, the more I realize that its, well, “Molded”

    It looked like some sort of patterned fabric, where they just “printed” it off and then cut it around the edges to fit it into the ceiling… Very strange looking.

    Also That POOL house. Ye Gods! Could you make a more cold a Sterile interior? The bland concrete and cold interior, arch.

    the problem with the details, is where they are, they are lovely (for a modern house) but they aren’t, consistent… they decorate some places with lavish gilded molding, and other places are stark bland and blank!

    Wasted opportunity really…

    Eric “the Architecture Curmudgeon”

    • dan

      I am starting to see your point about the “moldedness”.

  • Daniel

    First off, the wedding cake ceiling needs to go. Way too busy. Looks like someone wanted to show off their 3D printer or something. It’s a very strange home with little cohesion. The exterior elements, by themselves, would be nice. Lovely french doors. Stonework ain’t bad. Brick is okay. But altogether, it just looks wrong. I think the fact that the second floor isn’t obvious throws the home off too. The staircase reminds me of those faux stone bath accessories you’d find in Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • rob

    Some people just don’t get Colorado. I am a strong believer in Architecture and location being synchronous. A great house in Maine, might suck in Arizona. This place is just cookie cutter. I could find it in a hundred golf course communities. Nothing special.

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