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  • Lucas

    Lovely country-chic exterior. Interior decor is decades too old and brown, but that is naught to do with the house itself, which has plenty of nice spaces and views.

  • Daniel

    I’ve said it before many times, but this really, REALLY looks like a clubhouse.

    • Teddi

      THAT’S what was niggling at me. it does look like a clubhouse

  • Old300TexanGal

    Yes, it does look like a club house which is a fail because I’ve seen lots of lovely ranch homes across Texas that maintain a homey feel.

    The tube tv on image 13….gross

    The price is decent given the sq and acreage but Spring, Texas —Houston and Harris county are gross. Get a ranch house in hill country or out in the west…not in spring, tx

    • Eric2

      Ah you beat me to it!

      Every time I see a CRT TV in a ‘mansion’ pic, All I can do is shake my head and go “what were they Thinking???”

      Also, Pic 19 has HOUSE FIRE!!! Written all over it.
      I mean, I understand wanting to have a “tropical feel” to a bar like that, but theres better ways of doing it the 100sq feet of dead, bone dry palm fronds!

      Eric the Architecture Curmudgeon.

  • Al Robinson

    I could see ABC filming “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” there.

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