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  • Daniel

    Not fond of the 1920s hacienda feel. View looks cool.

    • Old300TexanGal

      Well too bad, I think the 1920s hacienda feel is appropriate for CA. I can’t stand when people build homes that are designed with very little care about surrounding aesthetics and culture. This is a cute home with tasteful decor and a beautiful view. Cute is not wow but it’s still cute.

      • Daniel

        Have fun spending $14 million for a “cute” home that shares a driveway with 2 other houses. And if you look at the neighborhood, the 18 inches between each house is neither aesthetically or culturally(?) pleasing.

        • Old300TexanGal

          This isn’t Ohio so please sit down. $14 million for a “cute” 9,200 sq ft on Coronado Island, waterfront with views of the city is actually a steal. I think San Diego is one of the prettiest cities in America and grossly underrated. La Jolla is nice but in my opinion Coronado has a superior location.

        • AR


          Please shut up..you always make such a complete jackass of yourself with your half-brained, senseless comments.

          You have no idea what the vibe of Coronado is..really cool place. Guarantee the person to drop $14 mil on this is calling it a 2nd or even 3rd home.

          Though I always enjoy watching you display your opinions weakly woven into what you try to play off as a fact.

          ALSO, it was built in 1956, set to incorporate primarily current (50’s) as well as 1930’s Hacienda accents..not the 1920’s. It’s stupid comments like those that are the reason you, DANIEL, will never live in a home like the ones on this site..only criticize them.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I love the view, imagine waking up and seeing a ship pass by your window, it can be different from seeing trees and plants.

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