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    I love it. It feels masculine, streamlined, and tailored. The details are exquisite but subtle and the whole place feels very relaxing. I’m not a huge fan of Tribeca (but I don’t hate it), but I’d be happy to live there if I could live in this apartment. That said, $13,000,000 is an awful lot for what amounts to a one bedroom apartment.

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    A bit impersonal for my tastes. The wall of windows is nice. Kitchen looks terribly unwelcoming.

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    It’s not a family friendly space and I love it. I am a huge fan of a 1 or 2 bedroom home. I’ll gladly keep visitors in a hotel. 4,100 sq. ft. on a single level, is huge. Great entertainment area, gorgeous windows, well conceived floor plan, good floors/ceilings. The kitchen is a beautifully sized and incorporated but is not pretty (easy redo). Seems pricey but worth it.

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    While I am not a fan of the layout (obviously) as a student of Interior Design in general I can say this is a VERY smooth and well down contemporary setting. Someone who appreciates ‘Modern’ design is going to love this layout.

    Big fan of the floor plan as well, all that space on a single floor makes a HUGE difference for furniture layout and decorating.

    Also 4100 sq feet for almost half the price of the other condo in battery park. Not a bad deal.

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

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    Otessa Regina Compton

    Much too conventional and business, and not enough of home spun. I cannot stand the colors.


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