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  • Grrrowler

    With the angled walls, it has a sort of Poseidon Adventure feel to it.

  • Daniel

    Reminds me of a cruise ship. Home theater is too claustrophobic.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I have never seen a penthouse incorporate so much wood, but then again I have never seen every penthouse there is to see. I like the way the bar area shines, and I love the way plants are incorporated indoors. The theater is okay, it brings closeness to guests, and since it is narrow, each person does not have to speak in a loud voice.

  • Eric2

    Well darn me… But for a “Modern” interior, I well I like this!
    Didn’t think I would be saying THAT in a long time, but it actually rather grows on me.

    The whole interior seems to make an excellent use of space.. There are no HUGE rooms that just waste space. Everything is being used efficiently, but at the same time, not giving a “Crowded” feel to it… The entertainment room, I at first though that it was too “cramped” but the more I thought about, the more I felt that a home theater place should be more intimate and “Cozy”. Many mansions try and recreate a movie theater, well, when Im with family and friends, I like to be close to them, not in a vast echoing chamber.

    The other spaces as well seemed “cozy’ but not cramped.
    I LOVE the atrium with the plants, I am a huge fan of putting the “Outside” inside. having green and shrubs and pants and such inside a sunroom. and this being NH, well, imagine how wonderful it will be to look out from that room, in the dead of winter, as a storm rages around you, and be in the middle of a Warm green surrounding?

    All in all a surpassingly good find.
    KUDOS Kenny and well done!

    Eric “the Architecture Curmudgeon”

  • dan

    First off, clever the way someone popped that penthouse on that building. And yes, this is impressive in bringing in the light, especially in the northern latitudes.
    My biggest complaint with penthouses is in being squeezed vertically. That and the oft contrived spaces such as the theater.
    However, I love this place – the dining room is right out of a storybook!

  • tay

    LOL! a penthouse in NEW HAMPSHIRE!? I’m assuming none of you have been to NH because I find this very amusing.

  • Al Robinson

    I agree with Grrrowler and Daniel that this penthouse looks like a cruise ship from inside, but I kind of like that. And WHAT A VIEW!! Damn! I think this place is great. 🙂

  • Venom

    A penthouse in New Hampshire, umm okay. This seems to be a trend, everyone wants to call their properties penthouses. Well okay, I am upstairs in my house, you know the penthouse, since it is at the top of the house.

  • Mariellen

    They should have left it as the “High Five” ! Great bar with views of the city. Not sure anyone is interested in a pad like that in Manch!

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