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  • Daniel

    Exterior is too bulky, and the interior is too cold. I guess you are getting a lot of space for the money.

  • Mak

    White elephant in both looks and size.

  • Hoya

    If obnoxious and garish were to have children, this would be the result. Describing it as a “white elephant” is absolutely spot-on.

    Whomever designed that kitchen should never be allowed to design anything else, ever again. Ever.

    • Mak

      Never ever ever! 😉

  • koko

    Yes obnoxious…but guys…this is a LOT of SqFt in one of the best areas around DC – where 85% of people are realy rich! For this size and the location $2.5 is nothing…plus it is new never lived in! and has 2 acres…! Materials looks good. Design is not at 100%…but hey…if it would look different it would cost over $5M. So – as far as I am concerned – this is a great value and gives the buyer a lot of options to customize and make it a nice home!

  • Jason

    what a hulking mess of brick and marble

  • Scott

    I haven’t seen that much marble flooring since 1995…..

  • Mak

    Looks like the same builder as this place…another white elephant.


    In fact, if I was inside one or the other, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

  • dan

    As a fan of stone floors, I love the extensive use of marble – especially in the kitchen/nook. This house is a incredible deal. And I think once the lighting is installed and furniture brought in, it will be a warm and wonderful place.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I am a tropical lady, and really do not care for a lot of white, but I do have to confess and be honest I love this one. I even love the kitchen, and it does not have my tiger redwood. Mr. Kenny Forder, you have caught me red handed on this one, and by surprise too! I even like the exterior and roof, I’ll have to keep an eye on you for the next home coming up!

  • Eric2

    You know I was all set to get all Curmudgeon-ish on this house when I saw how much WHITE was in the small pics. But looking close up, Well golly gee whiz I actually like what I see!

    The house at first glance gives me the Cold, Harsh, Glaring white I get in a lot of “Pseudo” Brick Colonials, IE ones that Fail MISERABLY. but this.. This one is actually “fixable” While others you just want to never see again… This one, A couple hundred gallons of warm earth tone paints, and this would be most livable!

    The carpets in a lot of the house also need to go, Again no warmth or life to them, but also again, a fixable thing.

    The “BONES” of this house are really where the value is. The detail in floor and marble Mosaics. The use of Crown molding that doesn’t go garish or gaudy. The fixtures as well…

    I have to say this is the first house I have seen in a while where I would actually WANT to take the time to “Fix It” rather then roll my eyes and move on.

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

    • Mak

      Do I detect a certain amount of sarcasm? I think so…

      • Eric2

        Actually not too much, well not THIS time.

        With a LOT of paint, new rugs, and some new wood flooring hear and there… I would consider this house quite nice. At least for a ‘modern’ colonial home

        • Teddi

          It’s like I never knew you at all. No. You have to be an imposter. I won’t believe otherwise.

          • Eric2

            LOL! Oh Teddi always good to cheer me up…

            Let me put it this way.. for a “Modern” attempt at colonial.. It isn’t Horrifically grotesquely Terrible, and with a VAST amount of fixes and overhauls, could be made livable…

            I was just using more polite language… Huh… I AM being rather un curmudgeon I guess?

  • Teddi

    On the one hand there’s a whole lot that needs fixing. On the other hand it’s seriously cheap considering size etc. I guess if I got the best interior designer ever, and I never have to look at the exterior then I guess it could work. First thing to go would be the hideous black and white tile in the foyer that is ridiculously out of place.

  • Mak

    Here is a list of things I don’t like about this house:

    1. The whole damn thing.

  • Sam

    the whole thing looks like a giant block of cheese like brie or something.

  • Venom

    Meh, it is not bad and the price seems exceptionally low for that area. It is fine.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I’ll bet mowing that front lawn is tons of fun.

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