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  • Jason

    Oh My God…this, ladies and gents is what happens when good taste, a sane mind and logical thinking have been obliterated, slaughtered and tortured to within an inch of their lives. what in the world is anyone thinking when they get the idea to crash their vision of a cheap tract home and an adult tree house into one misguided mess of wood, stucco and Home Depot over runs. the only thing worthy of mention is the brick retaining wall that I am sure would give up it’s life and let the earth rectify this mess the next time a strong rain storm comes through the area. Can a seance be conducted to have Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC come back and set fire to this Atlanta abomination?!?!?

  • Justin Taylor


  • Brian

    I like the brick driveway/entrance pier. And nothing else.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I’m puzzled by the choice of wood in the kitchen, considering their love of chocolate brown elsewhere in the house.
    I love the pool- although as an avid swimmer I’d have had it a bit longer.

  • Grrrowler

    What a damn mess. There are so many misguided and just plain wrong architectural and decorative decisions that trying to figure out where to begin is overwhelming. It’s just one big hot mess.

  • Venom

    I don’t think I need to comment on this house. I mean I can’t imagine that any of us are in disagreement about this house. Wow.

  • Daniel

    Chateau Sheree exists!!!

  • Mak

    I LOVEEEEE this place! Hedonism still lives on! This is another one of those swag houses where you could have THE. MOST. kick ass debauchery parties! Imagine doing lines of coke in that black library! OHMERGAW! This place better have parking, because the the crowd would be all weekend long. Hookers, Leather daddies, sissy boys in leotards. Fat ass queens in prom dresses playing hide the eight ball the pool table. Straight looking gay guys dragging around their pets on leashes. A bunch of black gansta rappers in the hot tub sipping their contreau while topless titty bar dancers strut their stuff.

    You can hear the neighbors as their blood pressure blows up all over the place.


  • Tony

    This is a DEATH TRAP! What if someone has kids. Who’d wan’t their kids walking across that every day just to get in and out the door?

  • mac22

    Mak me too. I love the polystyrene ceiling medallions and the endless row of little boxwood balls lining the driveway in their own little useless planters and, oh forget it, this place is an eyesore. Is it really 6 stories in the rear? what finish is that on the kitchen cabinets? anyone got a match?

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