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  • Eric2

    What does it say, that the VERY first reaction upon seeing these pics was:
    “OMG It has a TOWER! That is so COOOL!”

    Sometimes my stuffy curmudgeon-ness just has it’s little moments.

  • Scott

    It’s nice to see that taking advantage of people in desperate financial situations has its rewards…..

    • Chase

      Yep, taking people at gun point and stealing their money… Oh wait they come voluntarily.

      • Scott

        Prostitutes offer their services voluntarily, as well.

        • rob

          This guy is a crook in a suit. I am glad this is on bird’s eye. It will make it easier on someone who is plotting revenge on this crook to get in there and get their revenge.

  • Tony

    This home is not anywhere near as nice as Champ D’or. I guess these was done on a cheaper scale. The exterior facade and stonework of Champ D’or looks way way way better than the exterior of this home!

  • Daniel

    Seems cool.

  • Venom

    This guy is pure scum, racist and a predator. That driveway doubles as a racetrack. There is a video of him racing his Porsche around the driveway at a high speed. Shame he did not crash into one of his trees and die.

  • Sam

    Reminds me of the Stone Mansion

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