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  • Kingstigo

    Wow its big, very big and in a middle of the dessert

    • AR

      You mean desert, raunchy fool. You see, dessert is something that is sweet and often enjoyed after a meal. A desert is a barren place w little to no rain and often very polarized temperatures, of which much of NV fits.

      Next time, take a look in a book before sullying your name in a public setting upon the scaffold. We watch as your foolish antics always prevent you from getting the upper hand..the lesser of two minds.

      Fart head! You are a trickster and reptilian in true form!

  • Daniel

    Cool elementary school…

    • Nick

      Daniel, weren’t you jockying this property earlier?

      • Daniel

        Yes, but no one said I had to be consistent. Besides, that was 3 years ago. Things change. I’d have to see how he furnished the interior to make a final judgement.

    • AR

      Nice shapeshifting, Daniel. But first off, it is a house not a school, dumbass. Second, how are you ogling this house like a horny schoolgirl in the other pics, and now falling back on your word?

      You seem to flake out last minute when it matters, a spineless serpent, just as the culture you were raised in.

      I don’t want to see you post anymore, never more. You winged reptilian.

  • Al Robinson

    I just love how it’s practically as big as the neighborhood next door. 🙂

    I have really come to like the idea of having a mansion that is more combined, not one with multiple buildings. But maybe it’s so he can continually exercise by walking all the time throughout the premises.

    I just wonder if any one will want to buy it when it inevitably goes on the market.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Do the letters N.F.W. mean anything to you? :LOL

      • Al Robinson

        :LOL Yeah, you’re right Bill_in_NY. NOBODY would buy that, except for maybe some gazillionaire Saudi prince. 🙂

  • Jason

    I have to agree with the elementary school comment from a bird’s eye perspective, but from the previous post on this site- I really like it a lot. What a nice Modern Palladian house. The materials are simple, yet sumptuous and impart warmth. I don’t know why any one needs a house so large, but I’d like to take a tour.

    I do hate:
    the location- Vegas?? no thank you.
    the location- water tanks and a Vons grocery store a skip away- no thank you.
    the location- desert, no way, no how.
    the location- there are McMansions and small tract homes right around the corner. isn’t there an established neighborhood in Las Vegas that is better suited to a house of this caliber??

  • Barney

    The only reason way this monstrosity is worth commenting on is by saying anyone who builds a “home” THIS SIZE is CLINICALLY INSANE. And the bigger they build ’em, the MORE INSANE they are :-)))

    • AR

      Hah, good one dumbass.

      But listen here, you gutless turkey..your weak attempt at an insult was a complete backfire to yourself in the sense that the “clinically insane” are able to afford this while you slave over their work tasks in a micro sense.

      You petty and shabby wastrel, I laugh as you cower in your rotten filthy self-mourning.

  • Venom

    Why and why there? This is insane. Whatever, with as much money as he has he is probably just dreaming up ways to spend it out of pure boredom. By the time he finished digging the hole for this he probably made back the entire cost of the home in interest.

    • AR

      Well surely he isn’t trying to make a considerable financial gain out of it..it is simply a passion project, venomous beast.

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