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  • Daniel

    I’m sorry but this is hideous.

    • Barney

      Ohhhhhh, how we differ, Daniel.

      LOOOVE this house and what it could be after a properly impeccable interior design was completed. If I had the money, I could make this place shine like the SUN on my own ’cause I know exactly what it needs. It would be like Mecca for vintage contemporary and up-to-date modern design PACKED with the most FABULOUS, complimentary and lush color schemes, furniture, ART (YAACOV AGAM!!!), plants and technology. I would make every possible room be a literal delight for all five of the senses…..just the light alone throughout this entire masterpiece would absolutely help to insure that. GORGEOUS!

  • Brian

    I can’t dispute Daniel’s assessment, but at least it’s interesting. Also, it’s more architecturally honest than most contemporary British designs, with a Georgian shell, but interior closer to this one. The scale makes it institutional, and it is certainly awkward in many ways, like the central column in pix #3. But it would be a real challenge to see if the round, red go-go room could be transformed into something livable. I would almost be game, if this pink elephant were cheap enough. But then, all things considered, I rather a Cotswold house.

  • Grrrowler

    I appreciate that it’s different, and at least isn’t yet another traditional English shell with a terrible interior. But, this doesn’t seem very livable. What used to be the ramp is an odd space and doesn’t seem entirely useful. Seeing pics of the house furnished don’t help, since the furnishings are not at all to my tastes. I know the layout is necessarily odd based on the shape of the house, but things like having there’s no real bedroom wing just don’t appeal to me. I really want to like this, because it’s different, but this is not my favorite house.

    The Daily Mail has some pics before the “renovation” and there is more stuff on the house’s (rudamentary) web site: http://www.tukal.co.uk/

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