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  • Grrrowler

    Mmmmm, beautiful. This is what I keep hoping to see in the newly-built British houses with traditional exteriors. This is classic and stylish, but it doesn’t feel old-fashioned at all; it is not only feels grand but it looks extremely comfortable. It also feels far more personal than most of the other British houses we see here, which is interesting considering that this is a rental.

    I do take exception to the article saying that the house resembles a French chateau. I don’t see a chateau at all, but rather a Georgian house with a mansard roof.

  • Daniel

    It’s not terrible, but some of the rooms would fit perfectly in a $2 million NJ McMansion. The living and dining rooms are exceptional, however.

  • Sam

    Wow beautiful house and listing photos. They really know how to do luxury real estate in Ireland…

  • Venom

    Gorgeous, I love it. I am still not paying $26K a night to stay there, that is ludicrous.

  • rob

    Nice enough. It is obvious that it has been completely renovated and updated. it looks really clean for such an old house. That being said, it feels like it has had all the charm sucked out of it. If I am going to live in Ireland, I want something with a little more character. Something out of the way and not on a golf course resort, spa thing. And the rental price. laughable.

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