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  • Eric2

    Sorry Kenny this is NOT ‘NeoClassical’
    At least not outside of the sad attempt at Greco-Roman Columns all around the backside.
    And that Interior, Ye Gods! Eye Bleeding White as far as the eye can see.

    Something about Florida makes people really REALLY seem to like houses like this. Maybe theres just no dust in Florida so they never worry about cleaning?

    • blabla

      he just took the description from as usual..

      • Kenny Forder

        What’s Never heard of it. Is it some kind of copy of Homes of the Rich?

      • Kenny Forder

        Actually didn’t even know he posted the home until you just told me. I got the info from the LISTING WEBSITE, duh. Please don’t come on the TRUE #1 luxury real estate blog and talk about copycat blogs like Pricey Pads. The only reason he has more Facebook “LIKES” is because he gives away an iPad every fricking week. Homes of the Rich’s Facebook page has MUCH MORE interaction because we actually talk about homes. 95% of what he blogs about is CANADA CANADA CANADA. Does Pricey Pads have a HUGE ad contract with Robb Report? Nope didn’t think so. So get the hell off my blog and comment on Pricey Pads’ posts, oh wait, they don’t get comments!!! END OF RANT 🙂

        • Eric2

          LOL!!! Oh Kenny, sweety, this is why we love you do much 🙂
          You are always so “hands on” in your blog 😉
          And Facebook likes. Pleh. Because there is such an indication of worth or value. 😛

      • rob

        OOOh, grabs popcorn…go on

  • Daniel

    This house really should have been tore down instead of remodeled. The community is one of the best in Florida, but the house is an eyesore. Stunning front gardens though…

    • Kenny Forder

      I thought you would have liked it more! The gardens are definitely beautiful. For my dream home, I want a front garden like that; makes such a statement!

      • Daniel

        I think I hate the roof (or lack of) the most. And although the interior is remodeled, it’s missing character.

  • Barney

    Boy, as sure as hell seems that I’m the odd man out here ALLLL the time doesn’t it?!

    I LOVE this house! I’m fully convinced that everybody here HATES 99.5% of the homes featured here that aren’t super traditional. While I’m usually not a fan of the traditional Italian Villa look, the exterior of this house is very attractive to me. And the interior has a somewhat “Hollywood Regency” look to it that’s really well done, too. While, it could definitely use some color on the inside, it more than shows well enough for potential buyers and I know what I’m talking about since I used to be a luxury realtor. the railings n the grand staircase are gorgeous as is the landscaping (impeccable)….. This is a more traditional-rather-than-less home that is very well done.

  • Grrrowler

    I’ll start off on a good note: the grounds and gardens are lovely. That said, I wouldn’t think that this would be the most desirable lot on the island.

    This is really just two rectangles and a square with some cement columns added to it. I guess the pediment that’s about 10 feet too low that has been glued to the front facade makes it neoclassical…?

    Inside, I see shadows of Hollywood Regency as Barney mentioned, but it’s “flat”. There’s very little depth and texture, and not nearly enough detailing.

  • Steve

    This was Scott Storch’s first house in Miami Beach before the one he foreclosed on off Palm ave. He did a rolling stone cover here called outrageous fortune, it’s been completely remodeled though.


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