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  • Jason

    for $18 million I’d demand better shots. this is an oddball house with some good points. I like the grounds and rear views. Not so much, the rest.

  • Eric2

    Have to say for a house in Texas, the Landscapers did a hell of a good job!
    Rather refreshing to see so much GREEN. Several ponds, fountains, water, and I LOVE those flagstones with the grass growing between them. I’ve had a house with that and I know its very hard to have that look without the plants pushing the flagstones every which way.

    Curious if one of those aerial pics was taken during construction. There is a HUGE greenhouse like structure to the right that is missing in the other aerial pics.

    The interior looks fairly ok, NOT a fan of the modern art everywhere. Of course I am sure most know how I feel about anything “Modern” 😛

    Another interesting house that SORELY needs floor plans to tie it all together, hard to know where ANY of those rooms fit in the house, or what floor some of them are on.

    All in all an “Ok” house for the price, and being in Texas 😛

  • Marc

    The large tents in one of the shots are from the wedding of his daughter back in 2006. Here is a link when the wedding was featured in a national wedding magazine.


  • Daniel

    A very eclectic home.

  • Grrrowler

    I like how the exterior is reminiscent of the missions in San Antonio. I think it’s attractive and interesting, and there are some nicely-done details.

    The interior is also interesting, but in a different way. It’s still just acres of beige with some colored pieces thrown around to break it up. I’m guessing it works better in real life than in the terrible pics, but I’d still want to change a majority of the furnishings. There are some nice spaces and some lovely details.

  • Teddi

    Fire the photographer. Something is truly wrong when the Google map pics are the best pics in the lot.

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