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  • Teddi

    What the hell am I looking at here? None of you are going to convince me that Kenny isn’t a sadist when I see what he’s been putting up for the last few days.

    • Kenny Forder

      What’s wrong? lol

  • Paul

    I wonder how much of a break they will give you if you take it without the penguins in the kitchen? Seriously though, I am sure this is nice. Price? Guess if they can get it. I am in the minority here but I like something a little more modern.

  • rob

    a 40 foot townhouse is way on the small side.

    • Kenny Forder

      That is true, but the rooms do seem spacious!

  • Daniel

    As far the exterior is concerned, it leaves a LOT to be desired. Looks like someone took the upper floors of 740 Park and transplanted them here. Very, very plain and boring.

    The interior has some incredible spaces. Best part of it all is the floors though. Honestly, some of the best floors I have ever seen. The marble in the foyer is breathtaking. The furnishings for the most part are abysmal. The size of the living and dining rooms are incredible. The theater is a stunner. Biggest letdown has to be that kitchen…it belongs in a middle class Tennessee tract home.

    All in all, I think the price is absurd. Yes, it’s the UES in a wider than usual townhouse with some superb finishing. But it’s still a townhouse. To me, living in NYC would mean I would need a skyline. I’ve been critical of condos in the past, but if you told me to choose today between a NYC penthouse in a top building with a glorious view (15 CPW, 1 Beacon Ct, even 740 Park) or a townhouse, I’d go with the condo. But that’s just me.

  • Eric2

    Ok, So looking at the floor plans… Um, Is it just me, Or is this placing missing something, like BEDROOMS??? I am Guessing that the rooms are not shown on the floor plans.

    it says Six floors, and the plans show only Four. Which is…Wierd…
    What, you don’t want us Seeing the bedroom areas, but don’t mind showing us the rest of the house?

    Will do a bigger review in the morning, heading to bed right now.

    KENNY! Don’t listen to the others, I think the house looks AMAZING Inside. but outside.. Erg,m its like a office building :/

    • Kenny Forder

      I actually like the exterior >_< lol

      • Eric2

        Sorry to be so hard sweetie, I guess it is just for me, when I think of a grand NY manor, I imagine something from the early 1900’s. I AM An Architecture Curmudgeon after all 😛

        I think part of why everyone is reacting so negatively is because of 100+ mil price tag! It is just so huge everyones being overly critical 😛

  • Venom

    This is pure crackpipe, I can’t see how this is worth more than $30 million, max. I would like to burn a good amount of the furniture, I can tell you that. Not even on 5th Avenue overlooking Central Park so it is worthless in my opinion. If I am going to pay an arm and a leg to live out that way, I want the views to go with the price tag. Judging from the height of the building on the same side of this place that is on 5th, you will be getting no views of Central Park, even if you are on the roof.

  • Justin Taylor


  • Brian

    I agree with Daniel that the exterior is too austere, probably dates to the late 1920’s. But the worst problems are the pool and roof deck, which I rate as depressing. They really need major renovations in order to justify a 9-figure price tag. Lack of views is certainly a major issue, but some buyers favor the exclusivity of a private residence. I have to take issue with Venom, though, as I think this will go for well over $60M, possibly a lot more….

  • Grrrowler

    It’s difficult to find things I like about this. The exterior is severe, but that’s not its worst offense; it’s incredibly boring. When walking down the street admiring the different townhouses, this one is completely uninteresting.

    The interior has some great spaces with some nice details, but it’s gone over to the gaudy side, way over. I don’t know if so much was originally gilded, but I wish it weren’t now. It looks tacky.

  • Andrew

    114 million dollars and no garage? Seriously? Would someone who drops 100 million on a house use public transport to get around, even in New York?

  • mac22

    Well the exterior was obviously streamlined in the 20’s or 30’s but the townhouse is amazing. You dont live in NYC and buy a townhouse for the views, you buy it because you dont like highrise living and want complete privacy not a multi-tenant building so there is no sense comparing this to a penthouse, its not going to attract the same buyer. Also the furniture can go, you are buying the location, east 69th is absolutely a superior address and you are buying the original and renovated interiors which are pretty spectacular. Santa, wrap this one up, I will take it.

    • Venom

      Hmm, a building that has walls touching two other buildings on opposite ends, multiple buildings facing the front of it, at least two others behind it and other buildings looking straight down onto it and no backyard. I don’t think you understand how privacy works.

      Also, for over $100 million, I think it is perfectly reasonable to want a garage and be able to come downstairs and look at your cars if you want to.

      Well big dog, since you love it, they need to search for a buyer no more, write that $100 million check and move in with your new penguins.

      • mac22

        privacy means walking into your own house via your own doorway shutting it and having PRIVACY. Who cares if your walls touch another building? What a stupid comment. And yeah I did buy it. Penguins and all. If you want a garage, dont buy this place, buy a tract house in suburbia

  • mac22

    And most townhouses in NYC have garages and if you can afford $100M plus, you call the garage where your cars are stored and you have your driver get it and pick you up.

  • Jeff

    The exterior of most of the priciest and luxurious ‘apartments in NYC, and the Upper East Side, are quite plain and boring. The preference in NYC is for “Pre-War”. Bing Trump Park Ave. and go to street level, then go to his website. The exterior I’ve walked passed several times, and it’s nothing remarkable.
    The Interior of this Pre-War manse is nice and very spacious.
    I would offer them $30-35 Million ONLY though! It’s not my fault he bought that hockey team!!

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