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  • Jason

    better be careful…floorplans are copyrighted intellectual property & I’m sure the original designers won’t like “improvements” to their design.

    • Eric2

      Didn’t think about that :/ if I recall they are more concerned about people either claiming it’s there’s or trying to make money. This is purely a “what if” and not intended for any serious consideration 😛

      As for the space behind the stairs. Yeah I’d considered that as a downstairs living space, or it could become a sun room if you put all windows along the back wall.

      Also on the stairs. Single NOT double stair cases. It might be hard to tell, but it’s single. I envisioned it as a huge heavy marble staircase similar to the vanderbilts mansion in NYC .

  • Jason

    well I’ll post my follow up summary later if the site decides to accept my comment later…frustrating!!

    • Kenny Forder

      Sorry it’s giving you trouble :-/

      • Jason

        tried again…no success. I think the site hates me for being too negative!! maybe the next go round.

        • Eric2

          Try simply changing your name a bit, adding a number or such.
          I swear I couldn’t post anything and than I just put a “2” at the end and its fine now.,

  • Grrrowler

    There are some interesting improvements. I think the dining room in its new location is much better. What is the space behind the stairs in the new location? I’m guessing it’s a the downstairs living room. I have to say that I prefer the stairs off to the side of the main hall; not being a fan of double staircases to begin with, they become a focal point upon entering the house in the new layout.

    I think the first floor layout is greatly improved and I like that it creates a huge private area for the owner. Not that I would ever have need for it, but the nursery is a concern of mine. If I did have need for a nursery, I would want the nanny’s room to be adjacent to it, not one floor up and at the other end of the house. Instead of putting the nanny’s room on the owner’s floor, I’d put her room above the nursery with a connecting staircase.

    • Teddi

      I am with you there. I think we tried about 20 different ways to have the nanny’s suite adjacent to the nursery and the nursery adjacent to the master suite, but no matter how hard we tried to shuffle around the layout to make that happen, it wouldn’t work. Turns out it’s pretty hard to be creative when you’re confined to a box. But I do so like your idea about a connecting staircase, never thought of doing that.

      The staircase is a single staircase, not a double. So while it does have a position of dominance it shouldn’t be the focal point. I LOVE a grand staircase, so I don’t mind a staircase (if done well) being the focal point of a room, but I hate double staircases no matter their placement or size.

  • Andrew

    I can understand the logic behind moving the staircase, unfortunately I don’t agree with it – to me staircase is a necessary feature but essentially a waste of space rather than a main feature, so I like it tucked out of the way as much as possible. So I much preferred it where it was in the original plan! Also, by moving it you changed flow of the rooms on the main level, and created that space that is both oddly shaped and separated from the rest of the floor by the staircase… and speaking of odd shapes, both plans have that round space near the entrance that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever… now that would be the first thing I’d get rid of!

  • Annie

    Oh! I tried to revise this project too as soon as it appeared here! I’ll have to search. ))
    Now I have no time to carefully consider all the changes.
    But! Right away want to note, that the doors from Sitting Room to Owners Suite and to Nursery should be moved, because the chimneys to be mount in their places.

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