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  • Daniel

    Now this is a true “historic” property. It’s a quirky home, perhaps not pretty but definitely unique. The renovations looks to have preserved most if not all of the original details and charm. Me personally, if I was shopping in this price range and wanted a completely restored, historic Mediterranean in Palm Beach, I’d go for this, 3 blocks south of El Castillo.


    More photos here:


    • rob

      That is definitely a quirky house. Those lamps are huge. That decorating would take some getting used to but I like it.

    • Jason

      gorgeous gorgeous house. what a well done renovation. I wonder if the update took care of the odd Marion Sims Wyeth floor-plan. Most of the ones I’ve seen are stunning, but with some truly odd layouts.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is quirky, but I don’t dislike it. It’s definitely not my favorite PB house, however. The interior has some beautiful spaces (the living room, the main kitchen, and the family room). But, it also has some totally lackluster spaces, like the master bedroom and whatever the kitchenette thing in pic 11 is. The price seems ridiculously high considering it’s neither lakefront nor oceanfront.

  • Eric2

    Historical or not, I find this house GORGEOUS!
    If you told me it was built last year, I would still be in love with it! (Or at least I hope I would)

    Agree so many of the interior rooms look wonderful. There is a lot of space in a lot of these rooms as well. Again the kitchen, the living room, even the pool house all look wonderful.. looking at the wood you can REALLY tell the age of the house, the wood ceilings seem to have been wonderfully maintain,d and given it’s right next to the harsh ocean, that is an accomplishment. Also I LOVE The “tower” I love houses with towers, and enjoy houses with 2 or three stories, this one has FOUR as well a Rooftop lounge area. AND There are floor plans! An amazing find!

    Lastly, the room in Pic11 I THINK May be the ‘Guest room/Staff room” over the Garage.

  • rob

    Beautiful landmark home. I doubt you could get zoning to build it today. Really original. It hearkens back to a golden age. Definitely prefer this one to the one similiarly priced in La Jolla. This is a classic.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Except La Jolla really doesn’t have a hurricane season.

  • Jason

    this is really nice house. I love all the simple details through out. I am not sure about the tower. it’s odd. not bad odd, but odd.

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