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  • Eric2

    Have to say I find myself liking this a bit more than expected. Normally such ‘Cabins’ are over the top Paul Bunyan interiors with stuffed heads on every wall and every light fixture mad from horns.
    This one didn’t seem TOO Bad, and a lot of the interior shots were quite surprising. Material was I was impressed that it didn’t seem more “Cheap”
    The Stone stair case, metal railings, polished wood. All of it seemed much better quality then I was expecting.

    Still, 24 million for 4 acres, in MONTANA? Price will have to come down before this one gets sold.

  • Grrrowler

    I’d like to introduce the photographer to a wide-angle lens and non-flash lighting. Some of the pics are just terrible.

    Beyond that, I think the house is pretty cool. I hate most of the furnishings, but the rooms themselves are great. It hasn’t crossed over into kitschy yet and there are some interesting stone and wood details. With better furnishings it be a beautiful ski/vacation house.

  • Derek2

    I don’t care much for the rental furnishings but I do like the house itself. I really like that all the bedrooms have nice bathrooms with both a tub and shower. The home has a web site with more pictures and floor plans. (link below).


    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks for the link!

  • Daniel

    It’s not that bad. Pricey though.

  • This Place Is AMAZING

    The things I’d do to just stay at this home for one night… (*sigh*)

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