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  • Marko

    The mansion in Coral Gables shows strong resemblance to Facundo L. Bacardí’s mansion.

    • Daniel

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Daniel

    I’m really curious to see what #4 looks like inside.

  • Jason

    Manse 1- doesn’t do a thing for me. the land seems nice enough.

    Manse 2- seems to have a lot of promise. I’d like to see updates.

    Manse 3- this is a Robert Stern masterwork. It’s wonderfully featured in his House and Gardens book and features beautiful pictures and full floor plans. I really suggest everyone have this book.

    Manse 4- WOW…what an impressive estate from the air. I’d love to see more pics. this post was a strong showing for New York.

    Manse 5- also seem to have promise galore.

  • Sam

    None of these are too special to me

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