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  • Daniel

    The initial above the entry, the master closet, the mural on the wall in the back…all brilliant ideas.

  • Grrrowler

    The front facade is far more attractive than the back. At least the stone was carried all the way around, but the back just isn’t interesting. The interior feels expected and average. these are not good qualities in a $9 million house.

  • Al Robinson

    This is the kind of mansion where I have to look past the decor to the actual walls and floors. The walls and floors are okay, but the decor is terrible! Yuck!!

    BTW, a drumset inside of a walk-in closet??? Huh??? That would be VERY VERY LOUD!!

    • Al Robinson

      I also don’t understand why in the theater room, the couches are facing each other and not the screen.?

      • AR

        Ugh..here we go with more of this..

        Yes, Al, thank you very much for pointing out what isn’t completely obvious.

        • Al Robinson

          Why are suddenly attacking everyone? I am not going to trade insults with you, because I have respect for myself and everyone else.

          Have a nice day!

        • Al Robinson

          You’re welcome AR! 🙂 It’s my job to point out what is obvious.

  • Venom

    It is not a bad home. Daniel, your sarcasm, tsk tsk.
    The initial was dumb, future owners would have to come up with some cover story or name the house, or somehow have it removed which would be my option. The master closet should be bigger with a granite island and for that kind of money you should definitely have your own dedicated studio. The double staircase goes without saying, it should have never been there. I don’t mind the mural, I like it. Other than that, the house is nice.

    • Jason

      huh?!?! did the freeze taking over the country affect your thinking today??? this is bad all over. Something akin to what trailer folk would build themselves after winning the Power Ball lottery.

  • Andrew

    A bit off topic but as always I am puzzled by the workings of this site… Take this entry and the previous one, that modern mansion in LA – slideshow works just fine for me on that page, but not here. Is that because there is in fact no slideshow here or is there something weird going on?

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