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  • Eric2

    To quote a aging internet meme:
    Do Not Want!

    There is something about putting an ultra modern house like that in a rustic natural setting that rubs me the wrong way.

    Also, what is WRONG with that steam room? It looks like some Escher box! My eyes hurt looking at it!

    Eric the architecture curmudgeon.

  • Eric3

    Testing ?

  • Sam

    It takes the right type of person to like this type of house and I really like it. I even like the weird steam room for some reason even though I usually hate tile, and I think the room would look better when it’s full of steam since you wouldn’t be able to see the distinct pattern of the tiles as much haha.

    I think they did a good job of blending the house into the setting even though it is a modern design. Look at how nicely the garage and lower level is carved into the ground and even the stairs to the entry look natural and not superimposed. Whoever designed this did a good job in my opinion.

  • opinionfree

    I’m hoping the walls and floors have radiant heating, because this place has lots of glass. No amount of passive solar heating is going to cut it in this house.
    Not many homes I can say this for, but there is nothing about this place, I would change. The home gym is disappointing, but that’s minor. It’s really an intelligently designed and well executed vacation home.

  • Daniel

    Cool kitchen.

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