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  • Grrrowler

    First off, the agent should be embarrassed to post such appallingly bad listing photos. The house is obviously dark inside, but the mobile phone quality pics make it so much worse.

    The front of the house could easily pass for a funeral home. The garage is nice. I’d probably buy the 78 acres with the race track and leave the rest.

    An 11,000 square foot guest house? Um, ok.

  • Rocco

    7th street in Joplin is actually Route66.
    These pics don’t due the waterfall justice.
    It’s actually quite impressive from route66.

    That being said, the view from the back of the house is the porn shop and neon lights from a permant carnival on R66.

  • Venom

    Umm, nice garage, racetrack and car collection.

  • Daniel

    I guess the living room is nice but I can’t tell because of the comical perspective the photographer chose.

    • Venom

      You would think for the kind of money this person has they could spring for a professional photographer and you would think the kind of person selling a home like this would and could be capable of better photos than this.

      • Mak

        Yep. One would think.

  • Andrew

    Keep the garage, demolish the rest!

  • Teddi

    Lost me at a 16000sf mansion with only 3 bedrooms. And I’ve asked this before re another house, but at what point can we stop calling it a guest house and simply say there are 2 mansions on the lot. 11,000sf is no longer a guest house unless it’s broken up into several different apartments.

    • Andrew

      Hmm. I would say that a building that is not normally occupied and used only when visitors stay there is a guesthouse. Size doesn’t come into it.

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