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  • Teddi

    Are we looking at the same house? Seems like quite a bit is unfinished to me. Even went to the website and it was slide after slide of things that need finishing. Did they run out of money or simply get too impatient to continue to completion?
    There are some lovely spaces but that kitchen is a turnoff.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I’m wondering if these are the 2008 photos we’re seeing?

    • Teddi

      I don’t even know what to think. They went through the trouble of having professional photographs taken and yet the cabinets aren’t finished, the pool is empty, the light fixtures aren’t in place and there are wires hanging all over the place.

      • Kenny Forder

        I believe the pics are from when the house first went on the market.

  • Daniel

    At least they have a nice view when they pull out of the driveway.

  • Paul

    Unbelievable to “flip” a house after putting in 3 million dollars on wha tangible improvements? It is not evident that the finishing touches could warrant such an increase.

    For almost $8 million, I sure wouldn’t want to see my neighbors (albeit beautiful, or even more beautiful) houses SO closeby. Sure doesn’t look like an acre with the neighbors piled on top of you. No city lights either per the description. There is something odd here. Maybe it’s the poor outside layout. I think the buyer would have benefited from a little staging of the house. It looks like a palace inside, which is who it will most likely sell to.

    I didn’t notice any bedroom pictures. What is that about? Where are the his and her bathrooms and closets, also? A lot of faux luxury, showy for sure, but I love the huge public rooms, and that split level staircase is very attractive. Only a buyer with lots of money to spare would want a house with the kind of limits seen here. Two car garage with a six bedroom house with supposedly room for 25 cars to park in that “motor courtyard?”

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