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  • Daniel

    Other than the waterfront lot, nothing appeals to me. Really should have considered tearing this down rather than remodeling it.

    For anyone interested, here’s a more obnoxious waterfront home for double the price:


  • Jason

    I was leery before Pic. 1 opened up, but it wasn’t till Pic. 3 that I had a churning in my stomach. I can appreciate an open floor plan and the space savings that go with it- but an entry/living/dining combo all at the first step of the door??? The dining area looks like an after thought that was shoe-horned into the crux of the staircase. Recycle the balustrade and pull down the rest.

    • Ruby M. Robinson


      You so right!

      I looked at that picture a few times trying to figure out what the heck was happening there. I focused specifically on the dining room (nook, after thought) and decided my eyes deceived me and that this must be a second staircase and not the main entry.

      Terrible use of space!

      • AR

        Ha! Now Al has dragged mother Robinson into the equation. I nice “addition”, but “subtract” the heinous comments we usually receive from Al. Then, it will be easier to “divide” the equation so that you may “multiply” aplenty.

  • Al Robinson

    Okay, other than the dinning area, I like it. I like the openness of it. I like the whole kitchen area being so close to the sitting / tv area. I think that’s good. That way to don’t have to walk all the way across the house to get a drink or food.

    • Al Robinson

      I also really like how the pool table / bar area is overlooking the family room. I think that’s a nice touch. Plus, that view of the water is fantastic! I’d just sit out there and watch the sunset every night.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior isn’t bad. It’s not great, but on first inspection it didn’t bother me. the lot has many of the benefits of a point lot, but for less money. Watching all the activity coming and going on the New River would be great. It’s when I got to the interior pics that everything fell apart. There’s no proper entry, and in an almost-9,000 square foot house, there should be a proper entrance. That area of the house is obviously very shallow, so having everything right there just doesn’t fit. Were it my house, I would have given up some of the 1st floor covered patio and given it to the interior. No matter how nice the house may have been, the main floor layout just ruins the whole thing for me.

  • Teddi

    No one should walk into a MANSION and immediately be in the dining room. Whose bright idea was that? Who really cares about the rest of the house with that massive faux pas right at the entrance. Ludicrous. If that wasn’t bad enough, the open kitchen is right behind the dining room. I can’t imagine how noisy that house is and how anything with a stronger smell than tofu would smell up the entire house.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Maybe they eat at Denny’s and just cook when they’re forced to.

  • Venom

    If that was the only place for that dining room I would walk out of the house right away as soon as I waked through that front door. WTF, is this house only 20 feet deep in the middle? For supposedly being almost 9,000 sq.ft, the use of space seems pretty poor.

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