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  • Daniel

    Nice but the desert landscape ain’t for me.

  • Grrrowler

    I actually quite like it. I hate the curtains in the various rooms, and the interior would benefit from some color, but overall I think it has some very nice elements. Even the exterior is lovely. I wouldn’t want to live in AZ, but if I had to I’d definitely enjoy this house and its view.

  • rob

    Beautiful. Very muted and warm and comfortable. Takes full advantage of its location. Very suitable for the desert location. Great house.

  • Jason

    well, finally a house in AZ that doesn’t make me want to hurl while looking at it. it’s got some smallish, out of proportion rooms- but not hideous. at least they don’t have a lot of wasted volume with ceiling heights 2 1/2 times the square footage. the Master bath and grounds are particularly nice. I really like the secluded pool as well. I would never want to live in a desert city, but the views from the grounds to the mountains are stunning.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Speaking of the Master Bath…….
      …is that a 4-foot wide sink or a 18-inch wide bathtub?

      • Jason

        For sure a deeply set 4′ tub set into a beautiful arched recess. I hope- I sure wouldn’t want to stoop down to wash my hands!

  • Venom

    Not bad for AZ, still AZ though.


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