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  • Eric2

    Well, let us start with the good parts before the bad.
    First of, 32 photos on the listing page. It is SO nice when someone bothers having this many instead of 9 or 10 or so.
    LOVE The library, I am sure many know by now I love big heavy dark “Ye old english” type Libraries, and this one delivers in spades! Love the small upstairs reading nook (Pic16) especially as it adds quite a bit of usable shelf space.
    The (what I assume) to be the Living rooms and Parlor are ‘Cozy’ and not overly massive.
    The Kitchen / Living room area is well done, I like the big fireplace right in front of the kitchen, and the smaller dinning space right to the side of the Kitchen in the sunroom (so good to even SEE a sun room)There also looks to be a Butlers pantry in pic 12 which is nice.
    Upstairs looks good, the ironwork railings are a big improvement over wither the cheap wood ones we see, or over the top Gold Gilded ones.

    Upstairs bedrooms, well I assume the first one is the master bedroom, since it looks the most lavishly decorated, but honestly it does not seem that much bigger than the other bedrooms shown.

    And then the basement, which they show in pic18. WOW! Anyone who loves dark rich wood should be thrilled with this, And actual interesting ceiling! not just a flat slab like you normally get.

    And the big downers? Well as is often the case, most of the interior furnishings should be junked. I have no idea why people think Huge drapes are still in fashion… They aren’t… Another huge downside, is that you have all this house on less than an Acre of land?
    Said it once and I’ll say it again, if I have the money for a house like this, no way will I be stuck in some “Mansion Suburbia” stuck next to dozens of other houses. Give me Land!

    Eric The Architecture Curmudgeon.

  • Daniel

    If only they could have incorporated some ivy on the front of the home…

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