$6.25 Million Renovated Colonial Mansion In New Hope, PA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • The Last Man Standing

    I like everything about it. It has good bones and what will make it classy is the choice of furnishings.
    I like the placement with the view and the drive. With 93 acres it is a very nice country estate.

  • Daniel

    First thing to go would be the sand driveway.

  • ZigZagBoom

    It isn’t sand, it’s pea gravel, but I agree such driveways are somewhat impractical in a place where snow plowing could be a regular winter requirement.

    Even though this is classier than 98% of other fairly recent (post midcentury) American country homes, by Bucks County standards it’s not particularly exceptional. The architecture is quite pleasant but no one would mistake it for an actual federal-era house. At least the front isn’t marred by too much so-called “landscaping”. OTOH, there are only so many 98 acre tracts left in that area. If someone is looking for that much land, they will snap it up.

  • Kevin

    That looks like the mansion that Nicole Kidman lives in in the movie “Stepford Wives”…

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