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  • Eric2

    Ok, so first off, considering where this is in LA, 1.25 acres is NOT too bad! The HUGE stand of Cypress trees around the pool also goes a long way toward privacy.
    So from what I can see of this place, I LOVE It! I might imagine a few things that others may not like. There is a LOT of dark wood and heavy earth tones. By for a 1930’s Spanish style mansion, that is to be expected, and (IMHO) it is pulled off fantastically.
    A lot of that wood seems to just have a FEEL that it was built in the 30’s, it has a wonderful weathered look to it that is hard to fake.
    Unfortunately there is not much to see. No bedrooms or bathrooms.What I can see, I love, but how can you expect me to want to buy what I CANNOT see?

    Eric the Architecture Curmudgeon.

  • Daniel

    I guess the price isn’t bad considering the acreage…


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