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  • Daniel

    Interior looks nice and flammable…

  • Grrrowler

    Picture 1 initially looked interesting; I like the way the house is sited on a gently-sloped hill. On closer inspection, it’s not so interesting after all. The brick looks too “flat” and there’s a dearth of landscaping, which it sorely needs. But, it does look like there are a few acres of vineyards, although that’s not enough to redeem it.

    As for the interior, I think it’s best to forget that I ever saw it.

  • rob

    It looks really impressive from a distance. very well sited. Too bad it is a crap house.

  • Jason

    this is a BIG FAT ugghhh…I’ve driven by it and it does cast an imposing presence from afar, but good lawdy the interior is awful. it’s no better than a 200k show home in some suburban tract home development.

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