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  • Daniel

    Front facade ain’t bad, the rest is. Piss poor interior layout. The staircase looks like an afterthought. So does the bay window in the living room. View is probably nice when the leaves turn in the fall.

  • Last Man Standing

    I liked it. The views are great. The landscaping gives privacy yet the great views are framed.
    The interior doesn’t bother me at all. It looks quite comfortable. The staircase also doesn’t bother me as to one side it allows the balcony and hallway to not seem crowded nor makes the vestible to feel narrow.
    The one thing that bothers me, and it isn’t restricted to this house, are the pvc looking columns. I hate those. I’d probably go through and replace them with milled square columns or something that didn’t look like plumbing vents.
    If I had the cash, I’d buy this one.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Needs 4 more large trees to completely hide the facade.

  • mak

    Nice view. The house on the other side of the hill (Chase Mansion) is about a billion times nicer…

  • Jeff

    That’s a nice home. I had the opportunity to tour it as it was being built. The front is pretty much obscured by trees. It is atop Avon Mountain, and the views are spectacular. The home is very nicely laid out, and easy to navigate with logical room arrangements.
    Yes, Arnold Chace’s 50,000+ mansion is nearby, and Tebucky Jones of the NE Patriots Superbowl team former home is nearby. The neighborhood will support the price, even though it is the largest home in the subdivision.
    Excellent privacy, since it sits farther back than the other houses, and there’s no threat of a new home being built too near since the area behind the back yard drops several hundred feet down! The photos don’t do it justice.

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