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  • rob

    Just blah. Generic design, generic finishes.

  • Grrrowler

    If I wanted a house that looked like someone took a stock design out of a floorplan magazine and quadrupled it’s size, and then used an in-house decorator from Mor Furniture for Less to do up the interior, this would fill the bill.

    • Scott

      It is a stock design by Scholz Design modified to be gigantic.

  • Al Robinson

    I was sure you guys would like this one. I look at it and I think it looks remarkably cozy for being so BIG. I like that they didn’t overdo it and kept it like your standard Midwestern house. That bowling alley is terrific, and I also think they did a great job with the landscaping, especially the pool area.

    • Eric2

      I have to say I too “Like” this house. I think we forget sometimes that, in this world of Grotesque McMansion, over done Gilded Gold monsters, and often over the top Eye sores…
      That an “ok” house is something to be applauded! And this house is “Ok”

      At 32k sqft it is a MONSTER, but I agree they did a good job of not making it FEEL like a monster. The rooms are no larger then similar but much smaller houses. Some might dislike this, but I do like it. I hate when someone advertises a ‘HUGE’ house, and then you find that much of that is Empty space because each room is 5times what it should be. (I once saw a two story master bed room)

      Could this have been something truly magnificent? Of Course, but it also could have been so, SO Much worse!

      The listing page has a LOT of interior photos, and out of everything I see, there are only one or two I truly find objectionable. And those are the 1950’s dinner ((Serious WTF?)) and of course the bowling ally, which I have always felt to be a massive waste of space.

      So… All in all I think we need to give houses like this a grudging thumbs up.

  • Bill_in_NY

    It’s not BAD…just not good.
    It looks like what I see every year at the Home-A-Rama, only this is 4X the square footage.

  • Daniel

    Lost me at the XLR…

    • Jason

      no joke…a badly designed and overpriced Caddy to match the horribly designed and bloated mansion.

  • Charlie

    Nice house. Too bad about the twin stair-case… that’s so boring. Love the internal balconies in pic # 5.

  • Kingstigo

    After reading the long article about it. I understand why is it like this. It wasn’t made for people to like it but for the owners to enjoy it. We all have different taste in life

    • Bill_in_NY

      It’s safe to assume that ALL houses are designed as per the whims, likes, and/or needs of the owner. It just startles us as spectators when the owner demonstrates an almost total lack of imagination when it comes to the exterior. It’s his right to have it look the way he wants…we’re just not used to seeing it look like this.

  • Venom

    Not a bad place, I would have chosen a different color brick though. The XLR was actually a pretty cool car, my neighbor has an XLR-V and it is a pretty great car.

    I don’t think this is 32,000 sq.ft, not even with the basement, maybe 15,000 sq.ft, max 20,000 sq.ft.

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