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  • Paul

    Yeah, I posted the location on your Facebook post before you deleted it. Found it from a LLC the builder C.E. Wheeler created. Didn’t see Jordan’s mention of the location.

    • Kenny Forder

      You did? Sorry didn’t see it, just saw Jordan’s.

  • Last Man Standing

    I think I’d rather have the box it came in.
    Big, without taste, is simply big. I think the proportions of the rooms are off. There is a tiny vestibule with little circle opening above the door, and then two pictures later is the tennis court living room with chandeliers. How odd is that?
    As for the aerial pictures, I think they sum up my sense of distate. Formal backyard garden with a rap star pool/grotto on the side of the house is simply muddled. Then you jam the whole mess up against some woods by a highway when it looks like you had plenty of ground to situate the house and have more appropriately designed gardens and views.
    Ah well, as long as the man who owns it is happy with it, good for him. I’m just glad it isn’t me-even if I had that kind of cash.

  • Eric2


    On the one hand I can TOTALLY see where you are coming from on the “Oversized rooms” That is a symptom I see of many 20k plus mega mansions, where people seem to run out of just WHAT to put into such space, and so end up with Living and dinning rooms Four Times any sane size.
    On the outside,
    Well I do not think the exterior is TOO plan and boring, certainly not as bad as some of those NJ homes we saw. I do feel it is far too LONG, that is a house where it looks exhausting going from one side to the other. We have elevators for a reason!
    On the grounds.
    Well I can see where there seems to be a lot of landscaping around the pool area, but I wouldn’t call that “rap star pool/grotto” Personally I find it nice the owners even bothered to HAVE landscaping around the pool, let alone the formal gardens in back. Lets be honest, many houses idea of ‘Landscaping’ are some bushes and half dead trees in the front 😛

    Eric The Architecture Curmudgeon.

  • Daniel

    The rooms are poorly scaled. Too big. You would need to have about 8 different seating sections for the room to be filled. Dining room looks dark and gloomy, even though it clearly has height. The bareness of the front yard is unforgivable.

    Overall, not a fan.

  • Hunter

    Longest house I’ve ever seen…I’d need one of those airport walk ways to navigate it..

  • mak

    I prefer quality over quantity any day. Poured concrete sidewalks? I guess they got a deal from the concrete plant out back across the street.

  • Lonnie

    I’m not sure how you all are getting that the rooms are “oversized” based on the fews pics that are shown. The one huge room that is showed above with the minimal furniture is the ballroom so to me it would make sense why the room looks empty. I know too excited by this home, but if the owner likes it, I love it.

  • Jeff

    Can’t find it on any map. How long has it been there?
    Is the address correct?

  • Brian

    This home sits on about 140 acres. To the rear of the house is a road and on the other side of that road is a 1,000 acre plot which is a very large quarry and stone/cement plant. In the winter when the leaves are off of the trees, this is what you can see out the back of this mansion. There are several very small, less then desirable homes and single wide trailers that surround the property at various areas. Think what you want of the home but the location is just terrible. The owners had much better taste at their summer home in Avalon, NJ. Google UTZ mansion Avalon.

  • Linsey

    Beautiful home for a most deserving family who give back so much to the community

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