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  • Daniel

    Sooooooo they wanted to build a house that terrified people, right? It honestly looks like a horror movie set. I can just see the Realtor whispering “But I am your daughterrr” to potential buyers.

  • Jason

    what a confused house…70’s Shingle Modernism up front and scary horror house in back with a more Classical base. The interior is no better. It feels like the owner had an idea for a fantasy house and had the means to have it built- to bad results…

  • Nelly

    Agree with Daniel. When I was looking at the pictures I was thinking that it looked like somewhere a multi-murder would happen.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m not sure what to say, it’s just so terrible. The back is downright scary, and I can’t imagine what someone was thinking when it was designed. There are some OK ideas inside, but there’s far more bad than good and the execution of all of it is awful. The kitchen is reprehensible, and would be embarrassing in a $500,000 house.

  • T Man

    Hideous! It’s like they grew up in the 80s and saw a house that they really, really liked but his family could not afford. He then decided to build it when he had the money.

  • Venom

    This is awful in ever conceivable way. Just burn it down already.

  • “Weichert St.”

    This house actually qualifies as classy compared to some of the cookie cutter monstrosities replacing what had been a fantastic, last-remaining local country road, made up of understated homes nestled amongThe Lord’s Beautiful Trees (known to North Jersey wanna be mobsters as “undeveloped property.” ) 18 wheelers choke the road every day with construction — and meanwhile houses like this sit empty year after year. People call the road “Weichert Street.” This place http://www.njestates.net/Listings/Luxury-New-Homes/Location/Watchung/915JohnstonDrive and it’s next door twin recently replaced the most breathtaking stand of woods… now scrawny looking deer are just looking around for where to go next. McMansion owners will have them shot: “too many deer.”

  • xxjo



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