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  • Eric2

    Ok so first off, FLOORPLANS!!!!
    (squints) Ungh, tiny TINY Floorplans… But at least they are there…

    SO… 19k sq ft, and there is a grand total of 5 interior shots…
    No listing of when it was constructed, though I strongly suspect it was a modern build. From the few interior shots I see a lot of “Gilded gold” It looks like it could be historical, but could be modern. Either way it seems a bit much, especially for an Ireland home.

    I WANT to like this house. I mean, HUGE Interior pool, total of 13 bedrooms on the estate, almost 40 Acres in IRELAND! (swoons)

    There is just not enough information to make a decision on it. Which is a huge shame.

    • Kenny Forder

      Ugh I know, I tried zooming in on the floor plans and they were blurry :-/

      • Eric2

        It is SUCH a tease to have floorplans and then make them so small and blurry 🙁
        I will say this, building on what grrrowler said with the maze if rooms…
        I think this IS an older house just because of the crowded smaller rooms. Most old estates had tons of tiny rooms, each one for some highly specialized purpose.
        If I had to guess , I’d if say the place was “remodeled” and had most exterior decorations stripped off.
        This place COULD be nice but it needs a huge overhaul

  • Grrrowler

    I’m with Eric in that I want to like this, but it’s not exciting me. Even if it is very old, and I don’t think it is, the exterior is dull as dishwater. The interior has some potential, but to reach it requires stripping out every piece of furnishing and getting rid of the gilding. Even then I’m not convinced it’d be worth the effort.

    I was able to make our the floorplans by enlarging them. I can’t say I’m impressed. The ground floor is a maze of rooms with the majority of the space taken up by the pool and the office wing, although none of the rooms are small. It appears that anyone serving food in the dining room must either go through the main, formal, hallway, or outside and back in. The central block of breakfast room (nowhere near the kitchen), sitting room, and study is just odd. Upstairs, all the bedrooms are en suite, but I wouldn’t want two bedrooms in the master suite.

  • Daniel


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